2020 STAMP Workshop Presentations

2020 MIT STAMP Workshop Overview
When: July 20 to August 7, 2020
Cost: Free!
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Introduction to STAMP – Nancy Leveson
    (slides) (3h video)

Introduction to STPA – John Thomas
    (slides) (1h video)

STPA Very Short Aircraft Example – John Thomas
    (slides) (6m video)

STPA Very Short Automotive Example – John Thomas
    (slides) (12m video)

STPA Very Short UAV Example – John Thomas
    (slides) (10m video)

STPA Interactive Exercise (Aerial Refueling) – John Thomas
    (slides) (1h video)

CAST Tutorial – Nancy Leveson, Shem Malmquist, Lawrence Wong
- (slides) (3h video)

CAST Example Lawrence Wong

Intro to STPA for Security Bill Young
Designing an Effective SMS Nancy Leveson
   SMS paper with more info

Facilitating and Implementing STPA (and CAST) John Thomas

STPA Short Activity: Apply STPA to your system
Homework Review: Train Signaling Example

Industrialization Sessions

STPA in Industry Standards
Overview: STPA in Industry Standards John Thomas
ISO/PAS 21448, ISO 26262 Update. Kyle Post (Ford) [No slides available]
SAE STPA Recommended Practices Update Mark Vernacchia (GM)
ISO Space System Cybersecurity Carlos Lahoz (ITA/Brazil)
ASTM Standard Guide for Application of STPA to Aircraft Ricardo Moraes (Embraer)
Integration of STPA into EPRI Risk-Informed Digital Engineering Framework Matt Gibson (EPRI) [No slides available]

Industry Use of STPA
STPA use in the U.S. Air Force Dan Montes (USAF) [No slides available]
Introduction and Training of STPA at L3Harris Technologies Reid Archibald (L3Harris)
STAMP at Akamai Michael Stone (Akamai)
Use of STPA in the Development of a Reactor Protection System Paul Butchart (NuScale)
STPA use at Ford Motor Company Kyle Post (Ford) [No slides available]
STPA Industrialization and Adoption in Industry Mark Vernacchia (GM)
STAMP at FedEx Air Operations Scott Reeves (FedEx) [No slides available]
STAMP at Embraer Ricardo Moraes (Embraer)
Importance of Organizational Culture in Effective Safety Management Gus Larard (Air Hong Kong/Cathay Pacific)

Regular Presentations

Welcome Nancy Leveson (MIT), John Thomas (MIT)

Maintaining Safety in Future Gas Systems Ben Riemersma (Delft University of Technology)

Comparative Analysis of Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP) and Systems Theoretic Process Analysis (STPA) Faisal Jamal (Fatima-Group), John Thomas (MIT)

When STPA Results Surprise You: An industry case study employing STPA, Fault Trees, FMEA, and HAZOP John Thomas (MIT)

Safety Assurance: Is it Possible? Nancy Leveson (MIT)
   Paper with more info

Use of STPA in Practice: Lessons Learned John Thomas (MIT)

Improved Risk Management Greg Pope (LLNL)
   Paper with more info

STPA Applied to Factory Automated Ground Vehicles Lori Smith

STPA Applied to Servicability Hannah Slominski
   Thesis with more info

Industry Trials to Evaluate STPA’s Effectiveness and Practicality for Digital Control Systems John Thomas (MIT) and Matt Gibson (EPRI)

Using a Conceptual Architecture to Improve Development of Complex, Control-Based Systems Nancy Leveson (MIT)

Early Conceptual Design of Future Manned and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Elias Johnson (MIT)

Model-Based Certification of Automated Vehicles Michael Schmid (MIT)

Virtual Button and Graphical Interface System Safety Evaluation Using STPA Jesse Johnston (GM), Mark Vernacchia (GM)

Estimating Security Risk Using Adversary Capability David Weller-Fahy (Lincoln Laboratory)

Applications of STPA in Software Testing Anders Dinsen (ASYM APS)

STPA Applied for Safety, Security, and Privacy Issues in Smart Airport Terminal New Concepts Idoaldo Lima, Max Schwienhorst (RWTH Aachen University), Johannes Reichmuth (RWTH Aachen University, German Aerospace Center (DLR))

Early Australian Experience with using CAST to Investigate Medical Events Wallace Grimmett (FANZCA, University of Queensland, RAAF)

Implementing CAST in Healthcare Lawrence Wong (MIT), Todd Pawlicki (University of California-San Diego)

Hints on Using CAST for Accident Analysis Nancy Leveson (MIT)

CAST: A Pilot Incapacitation Elias Nikolaidis

CAST Implementation Darren Straker
   Part 1: Implementation and Integration; Part 2: flydubai CFIT example

Assuring Maritime Autonomy Through STPA and STAMP Giles Howard (L3Harris)

STPA Applied to Military Certification Process Antonio Merladet (Brazilian Air Force, Technological Institute of Aeronautics), Carlos Lahoz (Technological Institute of Aeronautics), Rodrigo Silveira (Brazilian Air Force, Technological Institute of Aeronautics)

Identifying Loopholes in Emergency Response Plans with STECA George Kafoutis, Ioannis Dokas (Democritus University of Thrace), Constantinos Andritsos (University of Leiden)

Identification of Causation Scenarios and Application of Leading Indicators in the Interconnection Mode of Urban Rail Transit Based on STPA Mo Li, Fei Yan, Nannan Xiang, Ru Niu, Tao Tang, Jidong Lv (Beijing Jiaotong University)

Other presentations will be posted as they become available.

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