2020 STAMP Workshop Agenda

2020 MIT STAMP Workshop Overview
When: July 20 to August 7, 2020
Cost: Free!
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The 2020 STAMP Workshop will be held in a virtual form beginning July 20, 2020. The virtual workshop is free and open to the public, but each attendee will need to register in advance to attend.

Overall Agenda

Full Workshop Agenda (updated July 18, 2020).

The workshop will be spread out over three weeks in order to reduce fatigue from all-day remote video sessions. All times below are U.S. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Week 1: Tutorials
-   July 20 – July 24
-   10:00am EDT to 2:00pm EDT each day (with breaks)
Week 2: Main Presentations
-   July 27 – July 31
-   10:00am EDT to 1:00pm EDT each day (some days end sooner–see full agenda for details)
Week 3: Main Presentations
-   Aug 3 – Aug 7
-   10:00am EDT to 12:00pm EDT each day

The first week features tutorials so that presenters during the following weeks can quickly get to their core content and attendees don’t have to sit through 30+ introductions to STAMP/STPA/CAST at the start of every talk. The tutorials introduce STAMP, STPA, CAST, and related techniques. These short tutorials are not training classes in STAMP/STPA/CAST and won’t make you an expert is using these techniques. The tutorials are only meant to introduce core concepts to help you follow the presentations over the next two weeks.

Weeks two and three involve presentations and panel sessions from organizations around the world who want to share their experiences with these techniques.


Presenters will have the option to allow their talks to be recorded and posted online, however there will be a delay due to new MIT requirements for online videos. We don’t know how long that will be, but the delay may be substantial.

Part of the process requires high-quality video captioning, and we’re looking for volunteers to help! If you’d like to help, please sign up here:
Volunteer to support video captioning

Can I present?

The deadline for abstracts was in December 2019. We are not accepting new additions to the agenda at this time, but those who are interested are welcome to submit an abstract to the next 2021 STAMP Workshop!

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