STPA Handbook

We have written an STPA handbook to help practitioners learn to use STPA.

Free STPA Handbook download:
- English Download
- Japanese Download (translated by JAXA)
- Chinese Download (translation by CAUC in progress)

The contents include:
1. Introduction
2. How to do Basic STPA
3. Integrating STPA into Your System Engineering Process
4. Workplace Safety
5. Organizational and Social Analysis
6. Identifying Leading Indicators of Risk
7. Designing an Effective Safety Management System
8. Integrating STPA into a Large Organization
Appendix A: Examples of hazards
Appendix B: Examples of control structures
Appendix C: Examples of UCA tables
Appendix D: Guidelines for designing and evaluating a safety management system
Appendix E: More about why decomposition does not work for complex, computer-based systems
Appendix F: Basic engineering and system engineering concepts for non- engineers
Appendix G: A new model to assist in causal scenario generation


A list of STAMP-Related Publications organized by topic (with hyperlinks to download the pubs you want).

An unsorted list of STAMP-Related Publications organized by type of publication. This list has an abstract for each pub but it will be harder to find what you want.

STAMP Workshop materials

Presentation materials from previous MIT STAMP Workshops

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