STPA and CAST can be performed without any special tools. Some have used pencil and paper, or simple spreadsheet programs and word editors. Nevertheless, we are often asked if specialized support tools are available for STPA, CAST, and other STAMP-based methods. This page contains a list of the STAMP-based tools we’re aware of.

If you’re aware of a tool that is not on this list, please let us know so we can update this page!

STAMP-based support tools:

    • Created by: Asim Abdulkhaleq and team, University of Stuttgart
    • Methods supported: STPA, CAST, and others
    • Features: Open-source, free, 7,000 downloads, generate test cases. support formal software verification
    • More info: Overview
  • RM Studio
    • Created by: Stiki™ and Zurich University of Applied Sciences
    • Methods supported: STPA
    • More info: Overview
    • Created by: Zurich University of Applied Sciences
    • Methods supported: STPA
    • Features: Supports user macros, flexible control structure abstraction (“zooming in”)
    • More info: Overview
  • STAMP Workbench
  • VisualPro SA
    • Created by: VWAY Co.,Ltd., Republic of Korea
    • Methods supported: STPA
    • Features: Supporting STPA Handbook(2018) Theory, Effective Control Structure Modeling, Guideword/Countermeasure Repository
    • More info: VisualPro STPA – VWAY ENG
  • CAIRIS support
    • Created by: Dr. Shamal Faily, Bournemouth University
    • Methods supported: STPA
    • Features: Open-source platform for designing and specifying usable and secure systems
    • More info: Overview
  • SpecTRM
    • Created by: Safeware Corporation
    • Methods supported: STPA
    • Features: Professionally licensed, supports Intent Specification and formal executable requirements analysis
    • More info: Overview Demo
  • SafetyHAT
    • Created by: Volpe
    • Methods supported: STPA
    • Features: Free, supports generation of some STPA results
    • More info: Overview  Download
  • An STPA Tool
    • Created by: Dajiang Suo and John Thomas, MIT
    • Methods supported: STPA
    • Features: Generates STPA results and executable requirements.
    • Disadvantages: Created as an early proof-of-concept. The tool is not publicly available, but the results and methods were published so they can be incorporated into professional tools.
  • A-STPA
    • (superseded by XSTAMPP)


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