2023 STAMP Workshop Schedule

2023 MIT STAMP Workshop Dates: June 5-8, 2023
Where: You can attend in-person at MIT Campus or virtually from anywhere. The virtual sessions will be a subset of the in-person sessions.
Time: See the schedule
Cost: Free!
2023 STAMP Workshop quick links:
- What is the annual MIT STAMP Workshop?
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- Workshop Program
- STAMP, STPA, and CAST tutorials
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Most of the tutorials are already recorded and can be viewed at any time. The tutorials introduce the basic concepts behind STAMP, STPA, and CAST so that newcomers can follow the presentations throughout the workshop.

Note that the tutorials and the workshop are not training classes.

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Workshop Presentations

STAMPing into the Future: Leveling Up Safety at Google
Tim Falzone (Google)
Empirical Evaluations of STPA in the Aviation Industry
John Thomas (MIT)

Implementing STAMP at the world's largest airline
Stephen Palyok (American Airlines)

Application of CAST to Producibility Loss in Aerospace Manufacturing
John Barstow (MIT)

STAMP Considerations at Embraer
Carina Carla Aparecida Felipe da Silva (Embraer)

System Safety for Teams of Collaborative Controllers
Andrew Kopeikin (MIT)

Using STPA to Improve Robotic Manufacturing of a Rocket Motor
Bryan Smith (Northrop Grumman), Jeremy Hatch (Northrop Grumman), Paul Clark (Northrop Grumman), Garrett Cranney (Northrop Grumman)

Google STAMPing into the Future: Deep Dive
Ruben Barroso (Google)
STPA and CAST at American Airlines: Deep Dive
Stephen Palyok (American Airlines)
Panel and Q&A: Introducing STAMP / STPA / CAST into an organization
Gus Larard (Air Hong Kong), Stephen Palyok (American Airlines), Tim Falzone (Google), Bill Young (USAF, ret.), Marcos Viana Tavares (Embraer)

Discussion of FAQ submitted by workshop attendees
Nancy Leveson and John Thomas

Analyzing Operational Decision-Making of Radiotherapy with Systems-Theoretic Process Analysis
Lawrence Wong (UC San Diego Health), Todd Pawlicki (UC San Diego Health)

Application of STPA to the U.S. Diagnostic Laboratory Data Ecosystem
Rodrigo Rose (MIT), Polly Harrington (MIT)

Developing Control Structures for Complex Sociotechnical Systems
Polly Harrington (MIT), Rodrigo Rose (MIT)

STPA driven design for digital twin and lessons learned for facilitators
Meaghan O'Neil (System Design and Strategy and INCOSE), Richard Bye (Network Rail)

Human Factors in the Control Loop: A Case Study of the Use of STPA for a Rail Innovation Project
Richard Bye (Network Rail), Meaghan O'Neil (System Design and Strategy Ltd)

Introducing STPA to a Regulator: Lessons Learned from Providing STPA Training and Facilitation
John Thomas (MIT)

Prioritizing the Results from STPA - Case Study of Battery Ferry
Hyungju Kim (Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU))

The utilization of STPA on the ship navigation system
Marios-Anestis Koimtzoglou (National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)), Nikolaos P. Ventikos (National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)), Konstantinos Louzis (National Technical University of Athens (NTUA))

RAAML Compliant Based STPA Tool Integration at L3Harris Technologies
Reid Archibald (L3Harris)

STPA Applied for Energetic Materials Handling in Research Laboratories
Karen Stephanie de Andrade (Brazilian Air Force / LMU)

STPA Automation Tool
Andrew Miller (Motional AD)

STPA Standards, Certification, and Accreditation
John Thomas (MIT), William Young (USAF, ret.)


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