2014 STAMP Workshop Presentations

Welcome | Introduction to STAMP Nancy Leveson, MIT
STPA Tutorial John Thomas, MIT
CAST Tutorial | Example Paul Nelson, Nelson HF Safety Consulting
STPA-Sec (Security) Tutorial
Col. Bill Young, MIT and USAF
Advanced User’s Meeting  
Session 1 Michael Hurley, BAE Applying CAST to Behavior-Related Product-Safety Accidents  Slides | Video
John Thomas and Seth Placke, MIT Analyzing Feature Interaction in Automobiles Slides | Video
William Fletcher, Rolls Royce Use of STPA on Rolls Royce Aircraft Engines Slides | Video
William Young, MIT and USAF STPA-Sec for Cyber Security/Mission Assurance Slides | Video
Session 2 Human Factors Katie Berry and Michael Sawyer, Fort Hill Group Extended Human Factors STPA Applied to NextGen Slides | Video
Hoshino Nobuyuki, JAMSS (Japanese Manned Space Systems) Adding Human Factors to STPA Slides | Video
Cameron Thornberry, USN and MIT Updating the Human Controller Model Slides | Video
Session 3 Padma Sundaram and Mark Vernacchia, GM  Application of STPA to an Automotive Shift-by-Wire System Slides | Video
Chenling Li, Beijing Jiaotong University Railway Signalling Accident Analysis using CAST Slides | Video
Cody Fleming, MIT STPA Analysis of Interval Management in NextGen Slides | Video
Dave Holley, BAE STPA Applied to a Product Filling Slurry Dispenser Slides | Video
Session 4 Tools Asim Adhulkhaleq and Stefan Wagner, Univ. of Stuttgart Tool Support for STPA Slides | Video
Qi Hommes, Volpe National Transportation Research Center The Volpe STPA Tool Slides | Demo | Video
Dajiang Suo and John Thomas, MIT An STPA Tool Slides | Video
Session 5 David Allsop, Boeing The Use of STAMP in Aircraft Evaluation and Test Slides | Video
Carlos Lahoz, Instituto de Aeronautica e Espaco (Brazil) SFTA, SFMECA, and STPA Applied to Brazilian Space Software Slides | Video
Nawaf Almalik, BAE STPA Application on an In-Service Environment Slides | Video
Jintao Liu, Beijing Jiaotong University Using STAMP on Train Control Systems Slides | Video
Session 6 Management and Certification Cody Fleming (MIT) Chris Wilkinson, (Honeywell) ARP 4761 and STPA (using the Wheel Brake Example in ARP 4761) Slides | Video
Robert de Boer, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences Application of STAMP to Facilitate Interventions to Improve Platform Safety Slides | Video
Neils Smit, Dutch Safety Board Using STAMP to Investigate Decision Making in Public-Private Partnerships Slides | Video
Lorena Pelegrin, ILF Consulting Engineers Using STAMP Principles in Risk Management of Large Scale Pipeline Projects Slides | Video
Session 7 Healthcare and Medicine Aubrey Samost (MIT) and Todd Pawlicki (UCSD) Analyzing Safety of Radiation Therapy Procedures Slides | Video
Meaghan O’Neil, MIT Using CAST for Adverse Event Investigation in Hospitals Slides | Video
Homa Alemzadeh, Univ. of Illinois Use of CAST for Medical Devices NA
Jonathan Fishbein, Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES) Systems Approach to Pharmaceutical Safety Slides | Video
Session 8 Manuel Rodriguez, Technical University of Madrid Risk Management in the Process Industry Slides | Video
Qi Hommes, Volpe National Transportation Research Center Analyzing Automobile Recalls Slides | Video
Soshi Kawakami, Japan Central Railway and MIT High-Speed Rail Safety Slides | Video
Mitka Eleftheria and Spyridon Mouroutsos, Democritus Univ. of Thrace Applying STAMP to Safety Standards of Domestic Robots Slides | Video
Posters – Dinner Session
David Rose; Sandia National Lab Applying STPA to a Battery Energy Storage System
Asim Abdulkhaleq, Stefan Wagner; Univ Stuttgart A-STPA : An Open Tool Support for System-Theoretic Process Analysis
Naoki Morishita, Chunyao Chuang,  Tatsuya Yanagisawa, Yasuhiko Kawabe; Univance Corp Applying STAMP/STPA to Analyze the Causes of the Unexpected Fire that Happened at the Heat Treatment Process
Marvin Dainoff & Michelle Robertson; Liberty Mutual Assessing Workstation Safety Integrating Macroergonomics and STAMP
22-23 Sept 2014; Univ of Stuttgart Announcement: 2nd European STAMP Workshop 


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