MIT STAMP Workshop Tutorials

These free recorded tutorials are provided for the annual MIT STAMP Workshop to enable new attendees to follow the presentations throughout the workshop each year. These tutorials are not training classes and are designed only to introduce a few core concepts in a very short time so that you can understand the workshop presentations. Training and education with a qualified instructor is needed to produce skilled practitioners and to become proficient, as with any method.


Introduction to STAMP – Nancy Leveson
    (slides) (3h video)

Introduction to STPA – John Thomas
    (slides) (1h video)

STPA Very Short Aircraft Example – John Thomas
    (slides) (6m video)

STPA Very Short Automotive Example – John Thomas
    (slides) (12m video)

STPA Very Short UAV Example – John Thomas
    (slides) (10m video)

STPA Interactive Exercise (Aerial Refueling) – John Thomas
    (slides) (1h video)

Intro to STPA for Security (Aerial Refueling) – William Young
    (slides) (1h35m video)

Planning and Implementing STPA Projects Successfully – John Thomas
    (slides) (1h video)

STPA Three Most Common Mistakes – John Thomas
    (2m video)

CAST Tutorial – Nancy Leveson, Shem Malmquist, Lawrence Wong
    (slides) (3h video)

Designing an Effective Safety Management System – Nancy Leveson
    (slides) (1h30m video)

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