2019 STAMP Workshop Presentations

Monday, March 25: Tutorials

STAMP Introduction and Overview
Nancy Leveson
STPA Introduction
John Thomas
Introduction to CAST
Nancy Leveson
STPA and CAST Facilitation
John Thomas
Identifying Leading Indicators
Nancy Leveson, Diogo Castilho
Enhancing Human Factors Analysis
John Thomas
STPA-Sec (Part 1 Part 2)
Bill Young

Tuesday, March 26: Presentations

Nancy Leveson and John Thomas
Risk Management Using STPA Restarting Widget Production
Grep Pope
STPA Analysis of Safety Measures for Zenuity’s Auto Valet Parking Demo
Amardeep Sidhu, Shabin Mahadevan
Safety Guided Design Using STPA and Model Based System Engineering (MBSTPA)
Mike Hurley, Jim Wankel
Methodological Findings from Applying STPA in Cyber Security Case Studies
Anna G.
Active STPA – A Systems-based Hazard Analysis for Safety Management Systems (SMS)
Diogo S. Castilho
STPA for Autonomous Automobiles
John Thomas
Standards & Industrialization presentations

STAMP at Akamai
Michel Stone

Overview of STAMP and STPA for Product and Production Systems Engineering
Marc Nance

Standard Guide for the application of STPA to Aircraft ASTM – WK 60748
Felipe X. de Oliveira

Implementing Systems Theory in Accident Investigation using the MIT STAMP based approach CAST
Darren Straker

GA Upset CAST Control Chart
Scott Reeeves

Integrating STPA in Large Organizations
Mark Vernacchia

STPA in Industry Standards
John Thomas

Wednesday, March 27: Presentations

STPA Applied to New Generation Intelligent Rover System Development
Thomas, Ishihama, Katahira, Leveson
Cyber-risk analysis of ship systems using STPA
Sahay, Sepulveda
Improving the Risk Matrix
Nancy Leveson
Increasing Learning from Accidents: A Systems Approach Illustrated by the UPS Flight 1354 Birmingham Airport Accident
Shem Malmquist, Nancy Leveson, James Perry, Gus Larard, Darren Straker
STPA Applied to New Satellite Development and Lessons Learned
Sugawara, Ishihama, Katahira
Abstraction & Decomposition: Performing Multi-level Analysis using STPA
Hedge, Nuesch, Mensah-Brown
STAMP for Hospital Safety
Lawrence Wong, Lisa Singer
Using STAMP for Analysis of Security and Data Privacy
Nívio Souza, Cecília Cesar, Juliana Bezerra, Celso Hirata
Common Mistakes Using STAMP and Its Tools
Nancy Leveson
Common Mistakes in STPA and CAST
John Thomas


Thursday, March 28: Presentations

STPA Applied to Launch Operations Management
Antonio Diniz Merladet, Carlos Lahoz, Antonio Silveira, Sergio Fugivara
STPA for Security of Aircraft Systems
Weller-Fahy, James Quintero, Elkin, Cuevas, McPartland
STPA Analysis of Aircraft Landing Phase with Focus on Runway Excursion
Christianne Reiser, Carlos Lahoz, Emilia Villani
Application of STPA for Human Data Annotation as Part of Automated Driving Vehicle Dev
Cook, Fan
STPA of Demand -Side Load Management in Smart Grids
Karatzas and Chassiakos


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