2023 STAMP Workshop Call for Presentations

2023 MIT STAMP Workshop
Dates: June 5-8, 2023
Where: You can attend in-person at MIT Campus or virtually from anywhere. The virtual sessions will be a subset of the in-person sessions.
Time: In person: 9am-4pm EDT each day / Virtual: 10am-12pm EDT each day
Cost: Free!
2023 STAMP Workshop quick links:
- What is the annual MIT STAMP Workshop?
- 2023 General Info
- Registration
- Call for Presentations
- STAMP, STPA, and CAST tutorials
- Accommodations and Logistics

If you would like to make a presentation at the MIT STAMP workshop, please follow the guidelines on this page.


Submit a draft presentation or a detailed description by April 1, 2023. Submissions after that date will be considered, but will have a lower priority than submissions before that date.

Decisions will be announced in mid-April. A final slide deck can be submitted the week before the workshop is held.


All presentations should be related to STAMP but otherwise the topics are open.

Special emphasis this year:
- Introducing STAMP, STPA, and CAST into organizations
- Information about cost, return on investment, resources required, learnability, and other practical details
- What impact you’ve had with these approaches (technical, operational, financial, social, or cultural impacts)
- Developing contractual language or supplier requirements for STPA
- Evaluations and comparative studies with other approaches
- Enabling effective oversight and quality control of STPA efforts
- Prioritizing the results from STPA and CAST

Other possible topics for presentations (not limited to these):
- Experiences using STPA, STPA-Sec, and CAST
- Safety-guided and Security-guided design using STPA and STPA-Sec
- Using STPA to make decisions
- Accident/loss analyses
- Certification and regulatory issues
- Evaluations and comparisons with traditional techniques
- Risk management and identifying leading indicators
- Applications to security and other areas such as workplace safety
- Safety Management System (SMS) development and evaluation
- Tools, processes, and other support for analysis and design using STPA and CAST
- Management and adoption experiences or challenges
- Applications to other emergent properties (beyond safety and security)
- Unique applications or applications to important problems or new areas

As in previous years, the workshop will prioritize industry applications and practical user experiences over more theoretical and academic proposals, which are better suited for other venues.


Submissions should explain:
- The topic or problem you studied
- How you went about solving the problem
- Examples of the work that was done
- Insights/conclusions of your work that demonstrate its value.

Be sure to include enough information for reviewers to evaluate what was done, the relevance to the STAMP workshop, and overall quality of the work.

If you submit draft slides, please include any relevant explanations or discussion points so it is clear to the reviewers.

Review your work before submission to avoid the common mistakes described in:
  - Common Mistakes Using STAMP And Its Tools
  - Common Mistakes in STPA and CAST

If your presentation involves STPA, please review the STPA Handbook and its guidelines.

If your presentation involves CAST, please review the CAST Handbook and its guidelines.

Past presenters have come from industry, government, and academia. Application areas have included aviation, air traffic control, medical devices, healthcare, oil and gas, automotive, rail, chemicals, space, human factors, robots, security, defense, workplace safety, and others.

How to submit

Link for Presenters to Submit

If the submission link above is being blocked by a firewall or is not working, try emailing it directly

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