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Sorted publications
Posted March 2016

A new sorted list of STAMP-related publications is now available.

STPA Handbook now available
Posted March 2016

STAMP Workshop 2018
Posted March 2018

The MIT STAMP Workshop 2018 was held March 26-29 and was a great success. In total there were over 325 people registered from 32 countries. Most of the presentations and tutorial slides from the workshop are now posted.

Posted March 2016

We have created a cross-industry consortium to perform collaborative research in system safety engineering and security engineering. A major goal of the consortium is to perform practical research. This includes working on real problems that industries face today and producing useful solutions that practitioners can implement today. See the detailed consortium description for more information.

Mailing List
Posted March 2016

Several people at the workshop wanted a mailing list to discuss and to circulate information about STAMP and the tools built on it (CAST, STPA, etc.). We have created the STAMP Forum mailing list hosted at MIT. The mailing list is not a general safety discussion list (of which there are already several). The intent is to have this focused solely on STAMP and thus to limit the email traffic. Sign up here.

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