STAMP Workshop 2018

Seventh MIT STAMP/STPA Workshop

March 26-29, 2018
MIT, Cambridge, MA

2018 STAMP Workshop Registration

Call for Participation

STAMP is a new accident causality model based on systems theory and systems thinking described in Nancy Leveson’s book “Engineering a Safer World.”  STAMP integrates into engineering analysis the causal factors in our increasingly complex systems such as software, human-decision making and human factors, new technology, social and organizational design, and safety culture. STPA is a powerful new hazard/cybersecurity analysis technique based on STAMP while CAST is the equivalent for accident/incident analysis. These tools are now used globally in almost every industry.

This free workshop will provide attendees with the opportunity to learn how to use these new tools, to meet with users and to hear about applications, evaluations, and the latest developments in this powerful new approach to system safety engineering and to cyber security. A full day of free tutorials will be held on March 26. The following three days will involve presentations, panels, etc.

Because STPA is starting to be used widely in industry, this year a special emphasis will be on sessions and topics related to introducing STAMP and STPA into large organizations.

In the past, presenters have come from industry, government, and academia. Application areas have included aviation, air traffic control, medical devices, healthcare, oil and gas, automotive, railways, chemicals, space, human factors, robots, security, defense, workplace safety, etc.

If you would like to make a presentation, please send an abstract or description of what you would like to present to It should be related to STAMP but otherwise the topics are open.

Due date Dec. 1: Send to
-        Interest in making a presentation (2-3 page description of the content of your proposed presentation): please include enough information that we can evaluate the content of the presentation for appropriateness at the workshop
-        Other types of sessions you would like to lead or participate in (including a poster session)
-        Proposals or suggestions for tutorial or other sessions
-        Additional suggestions for the meeting or other ways you might like to participate

Abstracts and suggestions will be accepted after Dec. 1, but will have a lower priority than those sent by the due date.

Possible Topics for Presentations (not limited to these):

-         Experiences using STPA, STPA-Sec, and CAST
-         Introducing STAMP, STPA, and CAST into large organizations
-         Safety-guided and Security-guided design using STPA and STPA-Sec
-         Using STPA to make decisions
-         Accident/loss analyses
-         Certification and regulatory issues
-         Evaluations and comparisons with traditional techniques
-         Risk management and identifying leading indicators
-         Applications to security and other areas such as workplace safety
-         Safety Management System development and evaluation
-         Tools, processes, and other support for analysis and design using STPA and CAST
-         Management and adoption experiences or challenges
-         Applications to other emergent properties (beyond safety and security)

Program: Notification about acceptance and a detailed program will be available by the end of January. We will provide a registration website although the meeting will again this year not have a registration fee.

Additional Information: The PSAS website ( contains the presentations from past workshops and will provide more information about this one as it becomes available.


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