Current Research


  • Certification of Safety in NextGen
  • Certification of Integrated Modular Avionics


  • Evaluation of STPA on the HTV
  • Design for Safety of a NASA/JAXA Scientific Satellite
  • Using STPA in early architectural trades for the planned JAXA crew vehicle


  • A Systems Theoretic Application to Design for the Safety of Medical Diagnostic Devices
  • Quality Control in Medical Manufacturing
  • The Role of Culture/Social/Legal Systems on Medical Device safety in China
  • Safety Certification of Digital-Intense Systems in Radiation Therapy
  • Learning from Safety-Relevant Events:  The Role of Mental Models


  • Application of CAST and STPA to Railroad Safety in China


  • Using STPA to Analyze the Safety of Electronic Throttle Control Systems
  • Applying STPA to Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Integrating STAMP into Engine System Design Process


  • Coast Guard Helicopter Night Rescue Training Accident Investigation
  • Prevention of Fratricide in the Patriot Missile System
  • A Systems Approach to Cyber Security

Nuclear Power Plants

  • Certification of Digital Shutdown Systems in Nuclear Power Plants

Oil and Gas (Petrochemicals) and Energy

  • Developing Leading Indicators for Process Safety
  • Power Plant Gas Turbine Accident Investigation in China


  • System Engineering Aspects of Safety
  • Corporate Governance and Management Decision Making about Safety
  • Evaluating Project Safety (System Engineering and Safety Management) in an Organization
  • Applying STAMP for Automation Decision Making in a Manufacturing Plant Quality Inspection Station
  • Using STAMP to Understand the Recent Financial Crisis

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