Universities exist not just to do research but also to educate the leaders, teachers, and researchers of the future. A new track within the ESD SM and Ph.D. degrees has been created that allows students to focus on system safety. For information see the new ESD master’s degree in System Safety. Other students are participating in current PSAS research while getting graduate degrees in various MIT departments. A few students at other universities are working on theses with the help of MIT PSAS faculty.

In addition to the usual graduate research programs, MIT has several professional degree programs where students who have industrial experience return for a master’s degree. These programs include System Design and Management, Technology and Policy Program, and Leaders for Global Operations (where the students get both an Engineering master’s degree and a master’s degree in management from the MIT Sloan School of Management). Some students currently in these programs participate in PSAS research and we hope to increase this participation.

Students who graduate with a bachelor’s degree and go to work in industry often have no introduction to system safety and must learn it on the job. We are introducing a new undergraduate class at MIT in the fall of 2012 that will teach basic skills for analyzing, designing, operating, and managing safety-critical systems.

PSAS will also provide classes for industry and continuing education in system safety.

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