2019 STAMP Workshop Information

What is the STAMP workshop?

Important dates:
- Oct 1, 2018: Call for presentations
- Dec 7, 2018: Presenter abstracts due (submit by email, see below)
- Mar 25-28, 2019: MIT STAMP Workshop

Register for the 2019 MIT STAMP workshop. Registration is free.

For those who cannot or do not want to use the Google form to register, please send email to leveson@mit.edu and we will make sure you are registered.

Accomodation and Logistics
See information about accommodation and logistics

Presenter abstracts due Dec 7, 2018
If you would like to make a presentation, please send email to leveson@mit.edu with a 2-3 page abstract or description of what you would like to present. The abstract should include enough information to evaluate the content of the presentation, appropriateness at the workshop, and the correctness of any analysis that might be presented.

Abstracts will be accepted after Dec 7, but will have a lower priority than those received before the due date.

The abstract should be related to STAMP but otherwise the topics are open. Potential topics include:
- Experiences using STPA and CAST
- Introducing STAMP, STPA, and CAST into large organizations
- Cost to perform STPA, ROI (Return on Investment), resources required, and other practical details
- Safety-guided and Security-guided design using STPA
- Using STPA results to make or change decisions
- Certification and regulatory applications
- Evaluations and comparisons with traditional techniques
- Risk management and identifying leading indicators
- Applications to security and other areas such as workplace safety
- SMS (Safety Management System) development and evaluation
- Tools to support STPA and CAST
- Management and adoption experiences or challenges
- Applications to other emergent properties (beyond safety and security)

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